Strap line

It started when two canine scientists decide to become pen pals in an era of digital media...


Mia Cobb is a freelance animal welfare science consultant, researcher and communicator living just outside Melbourne, Australia. She says yes too often, but loves the diversity of experiences that doing so brings her way. 

Following an undergraduate science degree majoring in animal behaviour, Mia worked at a large animal protection and shelter charity, where she gained experience in a wide range of human-animal interactions and animal welfare issues.
Mia then enjoyed the role of Training Kennels & Veterinary Clinic Manager
at Australia’s leading guide dog organisation for the best part of a decade.

In addition to her freelance work, she is currently undertaking a PhD, researching the effects of social and environmental enrichment on the welfare, stress and performance of kennelled working dogs. Mia’s research was awarded the RSPCA Australia Alan White Scholarship for Animal Welfare Research in 2009. She led the working dog group within the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy, a federal government initiative to improve the welfare of all Australian animals, until a change in government in 2013 ceased the program. In 2013, Mia helped found the Australian Working Dog Alliance, a not-for-profit organisation working with industry to improve the welfare of Australia's working and sporting dogs. Mia regularly attends and presents at scientific conferences, professional development workshops and public information/education sessions. In her spare time, she teaches Psychology of Human-Animal Relationships at LaTrobe University in Melbourne, and conducts research work for the University of Sydney.

A pen pal blog combining canine science, social media and someone she barely knows is Mia’s submitted evidence that procrastination can, in fact, be productive, informative and fun.

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