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Friday, 28 September 2012

Today's favorites: Paul McGreevy's Books and Some Great Operant Conditioning Blogs

Paul McGreevy and his trio. Love that relationship!
Hello hello Mia! 

A of all -- so glad you brought up Paul McGreevy’s book, Carrots and Sticks! I love carrots, although I eat them way too quickly and often choke. Maybe carrots are my sticks...

B of all -- I have been obsessed with McGreevy’s books ever since watching the trailer for his book, A Modern Dog's Life: How to Do the Best for Your Dog.

Authors discussing their books has the potential to be, well, incredibly awkward, but there is nothing awkward or weird about this book trailer! Watching McGreevy and his dogs makes me want to (A) be McGreevy, or (B) at least get inside his relationship with his three dogs.
Three great dogs (Wally, Tinker & their son Neville) a la Paul McGreevy
While (A) is not yet possible, (B) is highly attainable with the help of Modern Dog's Life and Carrots and Sticks. McGreevy explains that A Modern Dog's Life is geared toward helping, “the dog see the whole world as an opportunity and [helping] the dog offer the behaviors and the responses that we want rather than the ones we find unwelcome or unpleasant.” This gets at what you were talking about: We as humans have the power to impact how non-human species view the world. We can create associations that are fear-based or fear-ridden or, we can create associations where animals see the world as filled with opportunity. Quality Operant Conditioning Blog Posts I want to stick with this topic of learning theory and share the below blog posts. They explain the ins and outs of positive punishment, positive reinforcement, negative punishment and negative reinforcement. I'm a 150% visual learner, and I worship their explanations because they come with tables! God bless tables...
I'll get back to the way dogs look next time. In the meantime, I love that picture of you -- and is that a "gentle giant" -- on facebook?

Bye for now! 


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