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Saturday, 7 September 2013

We have a winner!

Think dogs and science don't mix?
Think again! 

This week, Mia of Do You Believe in Dog? beat out four other scientists (a computer engineer, a wine chemist, a space physicist and an explosives chemist - all males) for the winner's title in I’m a Scientist, Get me out of Here!

This proves not only that dogs rule, but the people studying them know their stuff! 

Mia fielded a WIDE range of questions such as:

“Which is colder Pluto or Antarctica?”


“Are there any endangered breeds of dogs?”

"Is it possible to create zombies?"

"Why do we have trouble sleeping sometimes?"

“What purpose does chocolate serve to us humans? Is it at all useful to other animals?”

“What is the most common disease for a dog to get?”

“Do you know what breed of dogs are the smartest type?”

And a very thoughtful youngster asked, “Can a cat and a dog have babies? If they could would it be called a cog or a dat?” (Think Mia didn’t have an answer? Think again!)

You can review more of the (426!) questions Mia and her Nitrogen Zone colleagues responded to here:

OF COURSE, Mia is not pocketing the $1,000 prize money. Instead, her winnings go towards science outreach: 

She's planning a GLOBAL school citizen science project (stay tuned for details), and Donating the remainder to the Australian Working Dog Alliance to be used to highlight the role of science in advancing the welfare of working dogs in Australia.

Congratulations, Mia!!!!

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